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Profile steel chains Joker V G10


The high-duty chain in grade 10

Patented profile, highest tensile force, higher resistance to wear.
Perfecct grip thanks to joker profile, higher flexual strength of chain
links thanks to near 1-profile; contact radial exactly ajdusted to the
chain bending radii in the curve of the link, therefore little wear.

The hardness test showed clear distinct "grip markings" on the hardwood
compared to the square chain.


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Typ Perm. tensile force (daN) d t b min. Weight (kg/pc.)
Joker V 6 3.250 6,0 20,0 8,5 1,01
Joker V 7 4.500 7,0 24,0 10,5 1,35
Joker V8 6.000 8,0 28,0 11,5 1,79
Joker V10 8.500 10,0 35,0 13,5 2,55