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Cost Efficiency Calculation

Open Pit Mining - Copper, Gold
Country Indonesia  
Application area
Copper, Gold
Machine CAT 994  
Tire size 55/80-R57  
TPC type Square Compact 21

Calculation w/o chain    
New tire cost 50.000,00 EUR
Hours w/o chains 2.000 h
Cost per hour w/o chains 25,00 EUR

Calculation with chain    
New tire cost 50.000,00 EUR
Tire life under chain before
moving to rear
7.000 h
New chain cost per each 27.000,00 EUR
TPC service life 9.000 h
Chain cost per hr. 3,00 EUR/h
Tire cost per hr. 7,14 EUR/h
Total cost per hr. with chain 10,14 EUR/h

Savings per hour
Break even point 1.512,00 h


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