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pewag sportmatik suv

Sporty. Thrilling. Fast.

The high-quality stationary mounting chain for SUVs

The sport-utility version of pewag sportmatik was developed especially for SUVs.

Product desrcription

Developed for SUVs pewag sportmatik suv is fit for the job.
The resistant ball lock on the inside chain allows the chain to be closed easily in the wheel well. The automatic tensioning ratchets guarantee optimal chain tension during the ride at the push of a button. Manual tensioning of the chain is no longer necessary. All parts on the outside chain, which might touch the rim, are made from plastics to avoid any damage.

Strong detail: The chain mesh links in 4.5 mm are perfectly suited for the use on snow-covered roads and also on dirt tracks.

For off-road use we recommend pewag austro super and pewag austro super verstaerkt chains respectively and for driving over both rough and smooth roads we recommend pewag forstmeister. Please consider the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer regarding the clearance in the wheel well.  


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At a glance

Stationary mounting chain for SUV’s

Automatic tensioning

Tensioning chain rings are made of plastic for rim protection

Geeignet für 4x4 HinterradantriebGeeignet für 4x4 Vorderradantrieb

pewag sportmatik suv ist ÖNORM V 5117 geprüft  pewag sportmatik suv ist TÜV geprüft


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