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pewag unihub


The forklift chain for all demands.

The newly designed pewag net chain for forklifts. Due to the tough chain mesh it is suitable for moderate to heavy-duty use.

Product description

The tough chain mesh of the pewag unihub consists of rhombi and cross sections that are connected with welded rings.
This innovation is specially adapted to the requirements of forklifts and is characterized by a smooth running and good traction.
pewag unihub is made out of TitanGrip® steel and is available in material thicknesses 4.5, 5.5 and 7 mm, depending on the vehicle and range of use.



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At a glance

Suitable for moderate to heavy-duty use

Made of TitanGrip® for long life span

Kettenglieder aus Spezialstahl TitanGrip